Our vision is to bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical realms of reality and to explore what truly governs it.

To provide a new way of learning and integrating ancient wisdom with modern understanding that nurtures the mind.


We wish to debunk the myths and to challenge misinformation that perpetuates disempowerment.


We want to celebrate the true change-makers of the world, who's work transcends the limits of the physical.

We are a platform that brings people and ideas together,  engaging the audience in discussions that push the boundaries of what we consider possible, real and fact.  

What is Conscious Media?

Conscious media is the creative expression through any type of visual format that aims to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness, raising our consciousness and understanding of universal truths, through spiritual, mystical and esoteric themes.

"The role of media as a conduit for complete change is huge. Our devices measure the world for us, showing us how others believe the world is doing and where it’s going. So there is no better place to affect humanity than through this constant feed, coming from our screens — the one you and I are both looking at right now. "   by  Collective Evolution

Why was the Katalyst created?

The Katalyst was born out of the necessity to have a better understanding of our own reality. Today's modern age is plagued by misinformation that keeps many people stuck in a vicious cycle of fear and unhealthy habits.  Never before has there been such a split between the truth that exists and the "truth" as we know it.  Limiting beliefs based on the old materialist model are no longer backed up by science and more evidence continues to arise pointing to the idea that we are "spiritual beings in a physical body". 


Yet, much of this information is so heavily filtered, that by the time it reaches us, it is flat-out wrong!  The Katalyst aims to break this cycle of misinformation and to empower people with the right kind of knowledge that will allow us to tap into higher aspects of ourselves and to step into our roles as creators and change makers of the world.


The Team




Desi has two passions: documentary and all things mystical. After working in TV and Film for over five years, she decided to continue as an independent filmmaker with the aim of integrating her favourite subjects in the best way that she knows. In 2014, a major life change led her to delve into the world of spirituality and esoteric studies, seeking answers outside of the rational scientific approach to every day life.  This opened her eyes to realities that served as the catalyst for her work today.  In 2018 she opened her own production company Bridging the Realm that creates documentary online content, with her first feature documentary on life after death, currently in production.  


Event Co-ordinator 

Based in London, Sophia works in a multi- national company for content distribution and management for various media partners across the world. After graduating in Film Studies in 2010, Sophia pursued her interest in the field, by working in media advertisement, distribution, as well as offline/online editing for Soho based companies. An avid film goer, a lover of world cinema and documentaries, Sophia joined The Katalyst to explore different ways of working with film. 


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